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The High Witch


Laura was born an intuitive healer, but like many light workers had to dim that part of herself to fit into the construct of the outside world. After her spiritual awakening, she recognized that part of her soul purpose was to challenge these constructs and break the barriers we have set up for ourselves.

Through the launch of her Youtube channel, Laura was able to connect with others through her tarot readings and her Twin Flame journey. Her radical video where she exposed the truth of the Twin Flame journey as a toxic trauma bond was the first of its kind at that time and space. Despite the initial shock waves generated throughout the spiritual community, Laura has remained strong in her voice and has helped many wake up to the truth of their own journeys. 

Through her one-on-one services, Laura has helped many clients wake up and become the truest version of themselves. Laura’s intuitive sessions allow her the space to channel her client’s guides and angels. Her channeling and psychic abilities allow her to peer into the soul path of her clients and help guide them to their authentic selves. Her monthly specials and exclusive webinars have become huge hits for her clientele, offering unique limited edition services. Laura’s various price levels, from her free Instagram and Youtube Lives to custom coaching packages allow her to reach a wider audience and provide services at any budget level. 

In her more recent years, Laura has transitioned her regression services to a newer generation- Embarking on a new chapter of her career as not only a healer, but now a teacher. Through her school, The Mystery School, Laura’s methods have been taught and practiced worldwide. With the launch of her exclusive membership, Empress Yourself and corresponding Empress school, Laura continues to help women heal but more importantly teach them to heal themselves.

Her continued mission of uplifting the inner feminine has now transcended as she helps women level up and relinquish their control. Through destroying the concept of the “strong, independent, woman,” Laura is helping the collective realize that true femininity can be admired and freely shown in a divine love. She is helping women reclaim their femininity and bring power back into themselves. By destroying the independent woman trope, Laura helps women realize the most important lessons are learnt and implemented in relationships. Her marriage is a testament to her clients that true divine union can be achieved when we let go of our walls and trust in our inner power. Her life and career journey are living proof of it!

 Despite the ebbs and flows of her career, Laura’s guiding principles have always been the same- her goal is to help people finally become free. One by one, through healing people’s blocks and helping people understand their soul purpose, Laura continues to help people come back to their true selves.