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meet laura

"When other children were gathering at each others houses and playing dress up, I was back at home having tea party's with ghosts."

The High Witch


"From a young age, I have been able to see ghosts, angels and portals. I noticed this wherever I went and assumed that everyone could see the same thing. They didn't.


At the age of 26, I decided to leave my job in the fashion industry and pursue a more spiritually aligned career where I could showcase what I'd spent a lifetime perfecting.


Today, I work with women all over the world on a one on one based setting where we either pull tarot and talk to ghosts or we go deeper. I offer Past Life and Childhood Regressions as a way of re writing the past and creating a new future. I have been blessed with a booked out wait list for my work and my social media content is always well received.  I have gone from the simple life of a tarot reader to claiming my title as the High Witch and Necromancer. I have built the Laura Bird Academy from her ground up and she reigns with a 'Sold Out' sticker every season. My work has become bigger than I ever expected and I'm inviting your publishing house to take my hand for the next adventure."

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