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This level is an initiation into the individual you were always meant to be. Through out lifetimes, we slowly adapt ourselves to meet the needs of others as a way of stay safe within the tribe but the price to pay for such a thing is to lose ones self. As you move through the lessons and regressions of this level, you will slowly begin to unravel the Witch within. This level clears the childhood and creates a healthy foundation for your inner witch the reign. You will receive a video or meditation every 5 days which include: - Did you hear the Calling? - What Lenses does your Inner Child wear? - Why Witches are born into Disfunction (The Black Sheep) - {Childhood Regression} The Little Witch - {Encouragement} Trusting what the body tells you - What is your inner Witch still carrying? - {Past Life Regression} Your lifetime as a Witch - {Encouragement} - Are you letting yourself be enough? - Soulmates and Trauma Bonds - {Past Life Regression} Cutting the Trauma Cord - {Encouragement} The Difference between Connection and Attachment - The Witch vs. the Witch Hunter - {Past Life Regression} You as the Witch Hunter - {Encouragement} Is it safe to be in the Female Energy? - The Ending This allows full access to the Friday webinars which launch every 2 weeks along with the VIP Facebook group.

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2 Plans Available, From £333.00/month

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