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This level is final level of the course where Laura will run through the true life of a Witch along with clearing your karmic path to get to her. All other levels allow you to clear your past lives and childhood where you were victimised and carrying old wounds but this level allows you to access yourself on a whole new level as you dig deep into the past lives you lived where you were the prosecutor. Along with clearing this pathway, you will also learn how to connect with Dietys, cast spells and mix potions.

This level includes:

  • Did you fall in love with a Witch Hunter?

  • What is your Witch karma?

  • The Witch Hunder Past Life Regression

  • Boundaries and walking away

  • Throat Chakra Meditation

  • How to connect to Dieties

  • Guided Meditation to talk to Dieties

  • How to create an alter

  • How to cast a spell

  • How to make potions

  • Protetion Oil Recipe

your instructor

Laura Bird

Laura Bird

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