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about the course

This level is an initiation into individual you were always meant to be. Through out lifetimes, we slowly adapt ourselves to meet the needs of others as a way of stay safe within the tribe but the price to pay for such a thing is to lose ones self. As you move through the lessons and regressions of this level, you will slowly begin to unravel the Witch within.

This level includes:

  • Your inner Witch & Introduction to the course

  • Changing your Enviroment to grow

  • The Mother Portal & why you chose your parents

  • Re Birthing Meditation (healing the Root Chakra)

  • The truth of your Spiritual Awakening

  • How to talk to your Spirit Guides

  • Connecting to your Spirit Guides Meditation

  • Understanding your Identity (Solar Plexus Chakra)

  • Finding your Identity, Childhood Regression

  • Calming the Nervous System and healing Anxiety, Daily Exercise

your instructor

Laura Bird

Laura Bird

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