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This middle level allows you to dig within yourself and your relationships. These can stem from the Father wounding and how we beleive we should be seen. In this level you will be guided through past life regressions to allow you to disconnect from the Witch Hunters of the world and begin to build healthy relationships and enviroments around you. You'll also get a chance to go back to your past lives as a Witch so that you can clear the pathway to your psychic gifts.

This level includes:

  • Did you hear the Calling?

  • Past Life Witch Lifetime

  • Connections and Attachments

  • Cord Cutting Meditation

  • Heart Activation Meditation

  • Connecting to your Ancestors

  • Guided Meditation to meet your Ancestors

  • Akashic Unlock - What are your gifts?

your instructor

Laura Bird

Laura Bird

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