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Live at Blackfriars Way


6/10/2022 - 10am - 4pm

The Laura Bird Academy warming welcomes you to step into the shadows with her and get lost in the remembrance of who you once were.


This event will be your calling. Your calling to remember the magic that once lived within you that, over lifetimes of accusations, you were forced to leave behind.

Now, live at the Guild Hall, Laura and her 2 guest speakers will be guiding you through a series of talks, regressions and throat activations to bring you back to the person you were born to be. You will leave with the remembrance of your true calling and the ability to do something with it. 

You'll also have a chance to step up on stage and ask Laura for her advice on your situation.


guest speakers


anna kay

You can't claim your spot in the world without a voice. Anna combines music and healing to create a choir out of you all. 


cheryl prince

Cheryl calls into question that power that was stripped out of the hands of Witches and asks us to reclaim our innate wisdom. 


cristina chandika ma

Cristina is the Founder of the Yoga Bunch is is joining you to invoke the wild feminine within the self.