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Embracing your Divinity

In this insightful book, Laura Bird shares her own unique perception of these laws, including the Law of Attraction. Her style is very personable, clear and has an innocence that exudes authenticity. These qualities are an example of the many benefits of directing your life to align with universal laws.


On Laura’s journey, she gained inspiration from other awakened souls, people that have found their own truth. She beautifully blends their perspectives into the weaves of wisdom contained in her story. With an ever increasing need for each of us all to discover our own truth and uniqueness, Embracing Your Divinity will help guide you on your way.


In a world of extremes where harmony seems like an impossibility, it is almost essential that we all awaken our soul to find the real and authentic person that will help bring change and peace into the world. World peace begins with inner peace, they are inseparable. It has never been the responsibility of leaders or governments to bring peace, it has always been the responsibility of the individual to live a life that reflects the essence of peace and being a sood soul.


This book will help to awaken your soul. As Laura takes you on her journey, as well as those that she has met on the way, you will be inspired with every turn of a page.


- Stephen Connor (forward)

Embracing your Divinity

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